Welcome to Fort Bend


Fort Bend County is quickly becoming the epicenter for growth and development for businesses and communities. With a population closing in on 800,000, Fort Bend County is home to 17 cities, small to large, each with its own unique flavor and outstanding characteristics. Fort Bend County continues to gain recognition for its diversity, outstanding educational institutions, business growth and overall community connectedness.

Since being awarded 5-Star recognition in 2014, the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce has continued to raise the bar on impacting the community, advocating for business excellence and pushing for policies that help our businesses grow. Our local business climate is flourishing from the ground up.

At the Fort Bend Chamber, you will meet premier county business leaders who can provide networks and resources to take your business to the next level. Our success stories always include how involvement in our Chamber provides opportunities to network, further your career and stay up to date on community and industry news and socialize. The Fort Bend Chamber is a catalyst between business and community for achievement.

As the voice of business in Fort Bend County, the Chamber strives to understand the legislative issues important to our members. Visit FortBendChamberVotes.com to access valuable information on legislative issues and connect with elected officials. We have a commitment to our membership to advocate on behalf of business in Fort Bend County on local, state and federal issues. Key to this effort is building and maintaining strong relationships with our local, state and federal elected officials.

For over 40 years, the Fort Bend Chamber has diligently fulfilled its mission as the advocate for business excellence in Fort Bend County. We create, enhance and promote the thriving economic environment in which we work and live. Whether it is through the Education Division, Infrastructure Planning, Governmental Relations, Community Resources, Business and Professional Development, Economic Development, Health Care or Members Services, we bring value to our members.

Graduates of our sought-after Fort Bend Leadership Forum program are serving in leadership positions throughout our community. Its sister program, the Excellence for Nonprofit Leadership builds organizational effectiveness within our philanthropic community. High school students have the unique opportunity to experience how volunteerism and philanthropy coexist to serve the community in our Youth in Philanthropy program. Fort Bend Volunteers provides a county-wide calendar of events and a place for our community to serve. The Chamber Young Professionals Division will ensure that the Chamber is delivering value to the future leaders of Fort Bend County.

Our Diversity Action Team was formed to provide resources to our members on how to ensure their businesses understand the business case for diversity. In such a diverse County, The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce values the importance of equipping our members with knowledge of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

As a Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce member, this is a just a snapshot of what you have access to, all right here in one of America’s most dynamic and fastest growing counties, where success is just around the Bend.

Keri Curtis Schmidt, CCE, IOM
President | CEO