Welcome to Fountain Inn

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Welcome to Fountain Inn SC

Every community rotates around two things: quality of life and economic growth. Here at the Fountain Inn Chamber, our team works hard to ensure that our organization can help both of these areas thrive through our work with businesses of all size, our local government, and the public at large.

Whether it’s hosting public events such as Fountain Inn’s signature Aunt Het Festival, providing leadership development opportunities to business leaders, connecting businesses and consumers or providing a unified business-centered perspective for our community, the Chamber stands ready to help Fountain Inn grow.

If you are a member of the Chamber, thank you! And if you’re not yet a member, it’s time to sign up! Members of the Chamber benefit in a variety of ways throughout the year, and as Fountain Inn continues to grow, it is vital that the business community works together to ensure that commerce thrives.

We look forward to seeing you around town!

George Patrick “GP” McLeer, Jr
Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce

Board Members & Staff

Whitney Ferguson

George Patrick “GP” McLeer Jr

John Mahoney
Past Chair

Venus Poe

Amy Riddle

Toni Conner

Matthew Waschkowski

Melinda Gilreath
Vice Chair

Ashley Chaffee

Ray Overstreet

Ashley Tolbert
Ex Officio

Keri Driggers
Membership Director