Welcome to Friendswood

Although Friendswood residents have been through unprecedented weather events over the past several years, we are all still working hard for a full recovery and welcome everyone to become part of Friendswood’s promising future.

Thanks for picking up this Friendswood Chamber of Commerce directory. It is filled with beneficial information for your business and your family. Many of the businesses and individuals listed are also key contributors to the public-private partnerships that make Friendswood such a great place to live.

As a city, we are moving forward with new and improved roads, parks, public safety facilities, and infrastructure. Those investments are some of the many reasons why a number of diverse businesses have decided to relocate, making Friendswood their new home.

Residents continue to follow the motto, “Live Here, Work Here” as demonstrated at www.LiveHereWorkHere.com. Their stories of why it is not only convenient, but also cost efficient, to live and work in Friendswood are an encouragement to us all.

Growing up, during my career as an astronaut, and since then, I’ve encouraged everyone to “Dream Big.” If living and working in Friendswood isn’t yet part of your dream, I hope you will talk with members of the city’s Economic Development staff and the Friendswood Chamber of Commerce to learn how being in Friendswood can be a dream come true!

Mike Foreman

Mayor, City of Friendswood