Welcome to Hayward

From its San Francisco Bay shoreline to its spectacular ridge-top vistas, the City of Hayward has experienced steady growth and development since its emergence in the mid-1800s.

What makes Hayward such a wonderful place to live? A strong economy with a pro-business attitude and ongoing planned development continues to draw in prospective businesses. Outstanding educational institutions help create a vibrant workforce. Health care services include major hospital campuses and numerous health care training institutions. Cultural and recreational amenities have wide appeal to Hayward families.

Hayward’s residents, businesses and other community institutions have developed an interactive relationship, giving Hayward’s neighborhoods a close-knit family feeling. This has helped Hayward develop an extraordinarily high number of nonprofit organizations focused on the arts, the environment and social services. Hundreds of community-wide events supported by volunteers and civic organizations provide countless opportunities to bring Hayward’s citizens together in a celebration of community spirit.

The outreach of government leaders, civic organizations, businesses and residents

extends worldwide. Through its work with the international diplomacy network Sister Cities International, Hayward participates with companion cities in Yixing, China; Funabashi, Japan; and Ghazni, Afghanistan. The Chamber issues certificates of origin for Hayward business exports around the globe and hosts events for ambassadors and consuls general from many countries.

With opportunity in all directions, Hayward continues to move along its path of community development and prosperity. Come and see for yourself why so many are choosing the “Heart of the Bay” as the place to call home.