Where is Chino Valley

Where is Chino Valley AZ

Chino Valley is big-sky country, with a mild climate, rural atmosphere and breath-taking views that go on for miles. Add in top-notch choices in healthcare, excellent educational opportunities and an active, innovative business community, you can understand why so many people have chosen to call Chino Valley their home.

Located in north central Arizona on State Route 89, just 15 miles north of Prescott and Prescott Valley and 90 minutes north of the Phoenix metropolis, Chino Valley is close enough to take advantage of the many statewide attractions and choices in healthcare, education, shopping, recreation and entertainment that these communities offer, yet far enough away to maintain that small-town feel.

At an elevation of 4,656 feet, Chino Valley enjoys four mild seasons and more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Low humidity levels keep our air comfortable and clean, summer monsoons provide needed rain while creating some amazing cloud formations, and it’s not unusual to wake up to a winter dusting of snow. No matter the season, beautiful sunrises and sunsets are commonplace. Residents enjoy outdoor activities in nearby forests, mountains, hills, grasslands, rivers and lakes, and wildlife such as antelope, deer and coyote are part of the landscape.

The population of Chino Valley is approximately 12,000, with a service area of 30,000 and a strong mix of businesses and services to support the needs of its residents. People who live in Chino Valley, Williamson Valley, Paulden, Drake and Ash Fork all drive the economy of Chino Valley, and contribute to those of neighboring cities as well. Although our service area may be smaller than those neighboring cities, our residents have a proven effect on area-wide economies. The Chino Valley area portrays a vibrant and growing business climate, with forward-thinking leaders who see the big picture and strive to build local partnerships which strengthen everyone.

In Chino Valley, you’ll find rural tranquility and plenty of small-town charm. Land is plentiful and affordable, jobs are available in many area industries, and the community provides modern amenities. All in all, Chino Valley is a great place to set down roots, meet new friends and enjoy life in your own way.