Workforce Education in Romeoville

Educators and business leaders share common goals and challenges; both manage large, complex operations and want to ensure that students graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace or further educational opportunities.

Working together, schools and businesses can achieve more than they can on their own.

Partners in Education, currently in development with the Chamber, local education institutions and corporations, aims to provide better collaboration between these entities to increase awareness of the options available in the community. Education partners are needed to help promote and support connections within our education system and our business community. These partnerships will enhance our education system and, most importantly, prepare students for life after class, by providing experience-based and practical learning to address the current performance gaps.

These partnerships provide a unique experience for students as well as provide numerous benefits to our business leaders. Benefits include:

  • Increasing labor market opportunities for student engagement/growth through internships, jobs and hands-on opportunities for learning.
  • Creating strong private and public advocacy teams to drive initiatives in the community that impact the local economic outlook.
  • Producing a more skilled and better-prepared workforce that enhances economic stability and growth.
  • Generating positive publicity and brand awareness for both entities through success of the partnership and improved outcome.
  • Expanding corporate citizenship engagement: By providing volunteer opportunities to their employees, businesses can increase employee motivation and retention rates and provide professional development while also providing a dedicated and skilled volunteer base for schools.
  • Bringing new and innovative ideas to both educators and businesses.
  • Training specific to your business needs.

For more information or if you want to get involved, contact the Chamber office.