Regionally, the Metuchen area is positioned near the headquarters of several major industries that bolster the area’s economy. Leading pharmaceutical, health care, research, and financial services companies are all located nearby, as are institutions of higher education. Many startups also locate here to take advantage of the excellent transportation options and local workforce.

Although physically small, the Metuchen area is also home to a variety of light industry, especially in the Liberty Street area. Professional offices for lawyers, accountants, insurance, and consultants are located throughout the borough and keep the restaurants and sandwich shops bustling at lunchtime. Fitness-based businesses, martial arts studios, and automotive detail and repair shops flourish here as well.

In recent years, several large residential and commercial development projects have come to completion, notably the redevelopment of a large surface parking lot in the downtown. These formerly under-utilized areas now contain a parking deck for shoppers and commuters, high-end apartments with an array of amenities, and a vibrant mix of retail. Enterprises offering flexible workspace have situated themselves in the downtown area as well, offering space to expanding business and satellite offices.

To support the growing commercial development, the borough recently created a special improvement district in the downtown area, and it has seen much success in drawing in both new businesses and regional visitors. Known as the Metuchen Downtown Alliance, it is dedicated to the management and revitalization of the designated Metuchen business district (the District) in partnership with stakeholders, residents, municipal government, and other partners.