Mayor’s Welcome

Living, working, and raising a family in Metuchen has given me an appreciation for all that our town has to offer. Our central location, active downtown, wonderful schools, historic neighborhoods, and a diverse and engaged community make it an ideal place to grow and raise a family.

But it is more than that; it is also a place that our seniors choose to stay after retirement, and where creative professionals come to be near cultural hubs. We’re not just a commuter town, but one surrounded by technology companies, universities, and medical centers. There is no one thing that has kept Metuchen a vibrant village for all these years; it is the many things we offer that is the source of both our strength and our enthusiasm for the future.

I welcome you to our community – whether opening a business, moving here, or just visiting – and know that you will come to be a part of the “Brainy Borough” just as much as its many lifelong residents are.

Jonathan Busch, Mayor