Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Where business meets community

According to the Chandler Arizonan, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce was founded in April of 1912, just before the City of Chandler was incorporated. In the absence of a city government (before incorporation), the Chandler Chamber of Commerce operated like a quasi-government entity, helping the community get roads, flood control, cotton pickers, fire protection, a better lit downtown and other improvements. It also advocated for businesses, promoted and hosted discussions on incorporation and got involved in regional issues including flood control, better streets and tourism promotion. If Dr. A.J. Chandler was the father of Chandler, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce was truly its mother, advocating for business and community.

Over 100 years later, the Chandler Chamber is stronger than ever, educating, advocating for and growing Chandler business. While you can have a strong community and a vibrant business sector, it’s when these two entities work together that creates a unique live, work and play climate – it’s what makes the Chandler Chamber special.

The Chamber exhibits civic leadership in their offering of the Chamber’s Community Foundation Leadership Institute designed to help create strong leaders that give back to our community. The Chandler Chamber also shows involvement in public outreach and commitment to the community in their various donations to local nonprofits, hosting family-friendly events and partnership in the creation of the Exchange Club of Chandler, plus ongoing support of local businesses.

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce donates over $10,000 in scholarships annually to individuals pursuing higher education to further their career. The Chamber is enthusiastic about members of the community reaching higher career goals and are supportive of their efforts.

The Chandler Chamber regularly supports local nonprofits in an effort to give back to the community. At their monthly Women in Leadership events, they not only mentor women in professional development, but they also partner Positive Paths, building life bridges for women in the East Valley. As a leading game changer in the community of Chandler, The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is excited to partner with them and their cause to promote success for woman in the Chandler community.

During the annual Ostrich Festival event, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce donates over $10,000 to local non-profits. The Chandler Chamber is thrilled to host a fun, family friendly event in Chandler, and also have the opportunity to generate donations to support the nonprofit organizations in the community.

The Chandler Chamber’s Community Foundation and Leadership Institute Program is another example of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce’s desire for innovation and modern leadership. Each year, Chandler Leadership Institute team members plan, participate and execute service projects in our community. These projects range from a building makeover to designing and implementing a local snack-shack. Through this program, the Chamber helps to develop strong leaders that in turn, have been able to give back to the community in a positive way by serving on various boards and participating in other leadership capacities.

Partnering with business mentoring programs such as SCORE and the SBDC, the Chandler Chamber coaches over 1,000 businesses and entrepreneurs a year helping businesses with everything from business plans to marketing to permitting and expansion.

In 2018 the Chamber’s legislative document, How We Stand, won a national Award of Excellence from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives in the Communications Excellence Awards program.

The Chamber has also been instrumental as part of a “super team” composed of the Chamber, the city, schools, health care and Realtors to attract specialty talent for stakeholder businesses in Chandler. The Chamber is proud of their business and expansion efforts, accomplished with the City of Chandler

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce boasts over 1,400 members and represents over 170,000 employees. With the rapid growth of the community and the business sector, the Chandler Chamber understands the importance of giving back to the community. Through donations to local nonprofits, hosting of community events, the development of new leadership, and encouraging an innovative economy in our community, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce has made exceptional contributions to the community of Chandler and takes pride in their efforts as a place where business truly meets community.

What benefits does the Chandler Chamber bring to members?

Professional development through Business Education and Training, including Women in Leadership, Leadership Institute, Ambassador Program and Chamber 101 and 202.

Keeping members in step with current legislation, bills and policies that affect the way companies do business through public policy-related events, such as Meet the Elected Officials and the  “How We Stand” booklet, Coffee with the Mayor, Policy Impact Series, Economic Updates and the City Bus Tour.

3 Our members get to know fellow professionals and make those important connections that can help grow their own businesses at networking events including mixers, ribbon cuttings and Leads & Referral groups.

4 The Chandler Chamber hosts a number of signature programs each year that help with fundraising and community awareness, for example, the Ostrich Festival and Golf Tournament.

5 The Chamber offers marketing and sponsorship opportunities that help to increase a business’ exposure and marketing reach, while also supporting the Chamber’s programs like the monthly eMagazine, Chamber website and the electronic lobby display.