Mayor’s Welcome

Greetings from the City of Chandler!

Thank you for your interest and prospective investment in our community. Chandler is a very special place, and a great setting in which to locate and grow a business.

One of the city’s many strengths is the diversity of its business community. The wealth of successful industrial, commercial and trade industries located here is a testament to the hard work and strong business ethics of those committed to building a vibrant economy. And that is being joined by a growing number of entrepreneurial enterprises that has placed Chandler among the best in the nation for technology startup companies. We also have a very deep and talented worker pool to help those locating or expanding here to easily find the skilled professionals you need.

While we enjoy a strong standing in the global market, we continue to place an emphasis on family and life quality. Chandler’s recreational amenities and vast array of housing opportunities are without peer.

Join us and see firsthand why this is such an exceptional place.


Kevin Hartke