Welcome to Chandler

 Welcome to the annual Chandler Chamber of Commerce Business and Relocation Magazine! It is my pleasure to present everything that is awesome about Chandler. Not only will we share exciting and informative articles about our fabulous city, but also the many benefits of being a part of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

We hope this publication takes you behind the scenes of our wonderful community and offers you a “backstage pass” so to speak, of all that is Chandler.

The Chandler Chamber strives to encourage and support local economic growth be it a small startup or stakeholder corporation. I’m pleased to say that the Chandler Chamber is as committed as ever to our valued members and their businesses, as well as creating a cohesive community.

As the proud president of the third largest Chamber in the state of Arizona, I am truly fortunate to spend my days working with a talented and dedicated staff, an amazing board and a group of supportive and enthusiastic members. I hope you enjoy going through our guide both in print and online and I look forward to continuing to work with and encourage local business here in Chandler.

Terri Kimble
Chandler Chamber of Commerce