Living in Oelwein

Land of Opportunity
Oelwein Offers Exceptional Quality of Life

Oelwein strives to attract visitors, jobs and industry by collectively promoting the community and its resources. Oelwein is a great place to call home, own a business and build a life. Oelwein is a place with real success stories, real opportunities and where dreams are attainable.

Located at the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 150, this Northeast Iowa city offers a lot for its size. With more than 6,400 residents, Oelwein boasts a daily newspaper, a radio station, more than 350 businesses, a fishing lake, a wellness center and a bowling alley, just to name a few attractions and amenities.

Oelwein offers residents and visitors endless opportunities for outdoor recreation with public parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, bike and hiking trails, tennis courts, a golf course and baseball/softball diamonds. An aquatic center and a soccer complex offer entertainment for all ages. In the winter, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, ice fishing and ice hockey offer many activities to enjoy.

Indoor recreation includes a performing arts center with a great lineup of entertainment, a first-run movie theater with two screens, a bowling alley, two museums and a wide variety of dining and shopping opportunities. A nearby Amish community, located just south of town, adds to the rich culture of the area.

Families enjoy living and doing business in Oelwein thanks to its exceptional schools and access to premier health care services. Students have the opportunity to attend schools that prepare them for bright futures in the workforce and higher learning opportunities.

Oelwein’s local hospital boasts an impressive lineup of medical services, such as emergency care, ambulance, labs and myriad of specialties. Adding to the services available are medical clinics, a rehab facility, chiropractors and dentists. Taking care of the mind, body and spirit, Oelwein is also home to many houses of worship.

Downtown Oelwein is a true jewel of the city. With specialty stores, antique shops, florists, gift shops, automotive businesses, shoe and clothing retailers and more all downtown. It really is a one-stop-shop for numerous services.

Finally, residents and business owners can feel safe thanks to the efforts of the Oelwein Police Department and the Oelwein Fire Department. City Hall is located in the original railroad depot and is accessible for the many city services.