Welcome to Oelwein

Oelwein Chamber and Area Development Welcome

Over the years, we have seen many changes within our community. Some good, and some not so good. In recent years, the upswing of positive projects, expansions and events has given our community a continued focus on being the best community we can possibly be. By providing amenities, high quality of life and an all-around hometown feel, we know you will like what you see! Whether you are here for a few hours, a couple of days or longer, we are sure you will find something of interest in Oelwein!

As the Executive Director of the Oelwein Chamber and Area Development, my job is to promote the community on a daily basis. The people of this community and surrounding area, and the business owners, make my job very enjoyable. We come from a rich heritage and still hang onto our roots, but also look forward to a very bright future. Our commitment to Oelwein is apparent in all the new and innovative projects we work on. It is our turn to shine!

Collaboration between city, schools and the Oelwein Chamber and Area Development bring us together with one goal: making Oelwein a place people love to call home. Industrial expansions, public amenities and community events continue to take place and enhance our quality of life!

We are glad you are here! Many opportunities exist and are available to everyone.

I hope you love Oelwein as much as I do!

Deb Howard
Executive Director

Mayor of Oelwein Welcome

Oelwein Chamber and Area DevelopmentI ’m a lucky girl! I grew up in Oelwein. Why would I leave? Everything I need is right here. We have an outstanding educational system with forward-thinking administrators and school board. You can even graduate from high school with an AA degree because students may attend the Regional Academy for Math and Science and take college courses for free while still in high school. We have a state-of-the-art public library that is always featuring new programs and events to attend.

Speaking of attending, our William Center for the Arts seats 800 people and has entertainment from around the world perform. There is a fitness center that is attached to the Williams Center and is open 24/7.

Oelwein is proud of our 12 parks with their beauty and recreational opportunities, including a campground and swimming pool. Our Party in the Park is attended by hundreds every month, June through September where you can bring a lawn chair and listen to live music, visit the food vendors, watch the children play safely with lots of activities or just relax and enjoy the friendly company.

Our hospital is top notch and we have three motels. But the best part about Oelwein is its people. It’s wonderful to walk down the street and be greeted by smiles or hellos. People from Oelwein are loyal. We come together in disaster (the 1968 tornado for example) and in fun (Oelwein Celebration). Our unemployment rate is 2.4 percent, and there are still good paying jobs to fill. We offer a slower place than bigger cities and love our renovated downtown streetscape. So, why come to Oelwein? Just because we’re awesome!

Peggy Sherrets
Mayor of Oelwein

City Administrator of Oelwein Welcome

We can have nice things. It is a simple statement, but it is something we have to repeat in Oelwein. The best way to get nice things is to work harder. Oelwein is at a great time and is ready for the next phase for the community. Downtown is seeing more activity and business on 150 is expanding. Jobs in Oelwein are available for anyone who wants to work hard. City Council is ready to lead policy that will help improve Oelwein for years to come. If you are not living or working in Oelwein, you are missing out. Did we mention that we have a beer league?

Dylan Mulfinger, City Administrator
City of Oelwein