Real Estate

Metuchen’s long history and diverse population is mirrored in its residential architecture. The borough’s iconic tree-lined streets provide an ever-changing seasonal backdrop to showcase the wide range of housing and neighborhoods found here. Bungalows are in abundance in the “Radio District,” Victorian-era homes pop with color around Tommy’s Pond, architect-designed turn-of-the-century Revivals dominate the Middlesex Avenue-Woodwild Park Historic District and a large mid-century development graces the Beacon Hill section. Our historic charm attracts many here, although many choose the option of a graceful new custom home as well.

Our neighborhoods have a distinctive, close-knit character with frequent block parties and neighborhood cookouts. Many residents come to Metuchen because of the ease of commuting – as most homes are within walking distance of the train station – and end up staying here to raise their families, with many doing the “Metuchen Shuffle” of moving from one house to another as a family’s housing needs change.

Upscale townhouse developments are located through the borough as well, and with luxury apartments newly available downtown, Metuchen offers excellent housing options for both those new commuters moving to town to take advantage of our charming downtown – as well as for residents downsizing from single-family homes.

Housing prices are consistently strong and stable, making purchasing property here a very wise investment. Most of the real estate agents who work in the area also live locally, and will be neighbors and friends to our new residents, so they are extremely knowledgeable about the area’s amenities and advantages.