Village of Carpentersville

While Carpentersville has made great strides to improve the area’s shopping experience, most notably, with the opening of the $30,000,000, 186,000-square-foot Wal-Mart Supercenter, it also has been improving the recreational experience. Carpenter Park, located in historic Old Town, has been revitalized and repurposed. A special events commission was created that greatly increased community events in Carpenter Park and Old Town. Events included:

Movies in the Park
Community Yard Sale
Fest on the Fox
Slide the City
Civil War Reenactment
Rock the Fox
Kelly Miller Circus

Carpenter Park also has experienced a major renovation. The improvements have included playground equipment replacement, a disc golf course, a walking track with exercise stations, a softball field, bandhell improvements, multiuse trails with a connection to the Fox River Trail, a sand volleyball court and a historic area where visitors can learn more about Carpentersville’s history. Total improvements were approximately $890,000.

In addition to Carpenter Park, the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) have been making improvements to Keith Andres Park and Raceway Woods. Since 2012 CAMBr has volunteered hundreds of hours to transform Keith Andres Park into a 25-acre bike park and have created a 3½-mile bike trail through Raceway Woods. The two parks have become a regional draw for mountain bikers.

Carpentersville continues to be a great place to shop and play.