What’s Happening in Prospect Heights

I want to thank the Prospect Heights / Wheeling Chamber of Commerce for keeping our joint Chamber a viable, hard-working, well-recognized organization throughout the Northwest suburbs,” Mayor Nick Helmer recently told a gathering. “Director Neena Pottoore and the entire board of directors with President Joe Vito deserve our gratitude.”

“Thank you to President Pat Horcher and his entire Village of Wheeling staff for their support and cooperation with mutual interests to both cities,” he continued.

Under the category of “Show Me the Money,” he continued, “I can tell you that our budgets are balanced and we have adequate reserves. But it is the Fixed Base Operators at the Chicago Executive Airport including Signature, Atlantic and Hawthorn, along with the Priester Operations, that make both of our cities as co-owners of the airport, even more successful.”

Prospect Heights always keeps its bald eagle’s eyes open to the horizon, pointing them to potential jobs and business opportunities. Our visiting bald eagle often stops at our lake and slough area to roost, feed and admire the surroundings’.

At Prospect Crossing Shopping Center—across from Hersey High School—Tony’s Fresh Foods serves our area with unbelievably great produce, meats and grocery items from their huge 87,000 square foot state of the art location. In addition at that shopping center, “Sweet and Savory Crepes” recently opened, as did Senor Pollo’s, a restaurant featuring grill-fired Mexican food, and the 20,000-square-foot Ambiance Furniture, located next door to the House of Entertainment. The Atlantis Banquet facilities can accommodate 650 people for weddings and other celebrations.

A new Thornton’s gas station and convenience food store is being built across the street on the northwest corner of the intersection of Rand and Thomas, replacing a small restaurant and an auto shop.

Across town in the Palwaukee Plaza on Milwaukee Avenue, just south of the Chicago Executive Airport, LolliPop Korean Chicken is preparing to open and Rocky Vander’s (now known as Rocky’s American Grill) has been completely refurbished with all new decorating, tables, chairs and bathrooms. It is now open for lunch and is offering a full-service brunch on Sundays.

Up the street a bit at the Ramada Inn, The Tap House Grill recently opened offering great beer and food selections, there is even an on-site four-lane bowling alley. The Hilton and the Crowne Plaza hotel along with three more hotels can accommodate your guests and large or small functions.

Much of Prospect Heights’ officials’ attention this year, however, will focus on the redevelopment of the area around the intersection of Elmhurst Road and Camp McDonald Road where most of the city’s public services are centered.

“We have a great location for the development of our City Center. Our new contract city planner and architect will show us the way to develop a vibrant and relevant northwest suburban city,” Mayor Helmer said. “And after we make progress there, we will spread our eagle wings to add other areas to this five-year project.”

“So you can see all the opportunities you can muster in the beautiful city of Prospect Heights. Our single family homes, both new and old, boast very large lots to buy or to build on. Our school district is the best rated in the northwest suburban area; we have swimming pools, golf clubs, libraries and even an airport. Jobs are plentiful and transportation is readily available via highways, tollways and our Metra train station. Police protection is as good as it gets. And there is so much more!” Helmer added.

“Start a business, get a job, buy a home, bring your family for the schools and the space and enjoy the fruits of your decisions.

Come to Prospect Heights and meet with me and our staff. We will make it happen for you!”

Nicholas J. Helmer
Nicholas J. Helmer | Mayor of Prospect Heights