Chamber Welcome

The Chamber of Commerce plays an integral part in the successful cultivation of a vibrant business community. As an organization, we are the voice of the business entrepreneurs and small businesses in our town. Our commitment to our members is to be energized and passionate about our businesses and ultimately their success in Village of Wheeling and the City of Prospect Heights.

In 2019, the WPH Chamber will be 90 years old. It took a lot of dedication and vision in part of the businesses, governmental entities, and the residents to come together to build this association and make it an integral part of our region. A “can do” attitude and a service centered approach is how we made it from 1929 to today.

The engagement and leadership of our members is also what makes us vibrant. Your participation in all aspects of the Chamber embodies our mission to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity. From attending events and programs, contributing to leadership discussions and acting as strong business advocates, the Chamber owes its continued achievements to your efforts. This is why we are still standing strong at 90!

There has never been a more exciting time to do business in Wheeling and Prospect Heights, so let’s take this momentum into the next 90 years. Through the strength of our members, a continued focus on collaboration and championing the advancement of our local community, we are confident that the Chamber can tackle any challenge, creatively solve any problem and ensure we remain the best place to live, work, learn, and play.

Together, we can make the Chamber and the Wheeling Prospect Heights community one of prosperity and growth. Congratulations to us for 90 successful years!